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Discover Stronger Marriages through Personalized Coaching and Mentoring

Kathy & Ross Pebley

Ross & Kathy Pebley

Marriage Leaders | Valencia

God's Vision For Your Marriage

We believe in the divine design of marriage, and how it can thrive when a couple deeply connects with God. Our mission is to mentor couples about this divine purpose. In collaboration with devoted couples within our HV family, we follow a balanced and practical Biblical approach. This method not only turns struggling relationships around but also works miracles in restoring marriages and reviving those that seem beyond hope.

Marriage Care Center

Our certified couples have been trained and certified by the Marriage Mentoring program to provide biblical mentoring, coaching, and encouragement on a couple-to-couple basis.

Couples meet for an hour once a week for 4-5 consecutive weeks and are given assignments to complete. The cost is free, but you must:

  • Be legally married

  • Be regular attendees at Higher Vision Church

  • Attend all the scheduled mentoring sessions together

To meet with a Marriage Mentoring couple, please click below to schedule

Marrieds Circles

We know this unprecedented time has put a great stress on marriages, which is why community has become more important than ever before!

Find a trusted group in a marrieds circle of your own. Browse a marrieds circle today!


We’re here for your marriage journey! Not just for the ceremony, but also with pre-marriage counseling to get you ready for life together. Just fill out the application and email it to the address below the form, and we’ll get in touch.

Planning To Get Married?

Start Premarital Counseling Today!

Marriage reflects the bond between Christ and His Church. While weddings require effort and money, it’s the lasting commitment that truly matters.

We encourage all couples to take Premarital Counseling classes, regardless of the officiant. These sessions provide valuable tools for merging your lives. The cost is $35 per couple for materials.

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