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Women Gathering, Belonging, and Connecting in Shared Life Seasons

HV Women’s – a community for like-minded women to gather, belong, and connect through meaningful Circles and Events.

  • Connective Gatherings
  • Inclusive Belonging
  • Shared Experiences
HV Women's Testimonial-1
Kathy H.

My small group's love and support strengthens my faith, enriches my prayer life, and deepens my dependence on Him.

April W.

The Empowerment Circle's caring, spirit-led leaders inspire me to deepen my relationship with the Lord and revive my dreams.

Glenda D.

In a challenging time, HV Women Tuesday Nights, through my circle, provided spiritual guidance and a supportive family.

Desiree-McGaffin - Higher Vision Church - Ventura, CA

Desiree McGaffin

Women’s Pastor | Valencia

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